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        Sichuan Institute of Industrial Technology is a full-time application-oriented university with engineering as its main focus and coordinated development of economics, management, education, nursing and physical education. It has 2 campuses,which locate at luojiang and Mianzhu , covering an area of 2245 mu totally. There are 14 secondary colleges of Intelligent Manufacturing and Vehicle Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Electronic Information and computer Engineering, finance and economics, management, Food, Physical Education, Education, Nursing, Marxism, International, aviation, continuing Education, innovation and Entrepreneurship, with more than 80 undergraduate and junior college majors and more than 23,000 students. The university has 126 on-campus experimental training rooms and 333 off-campus training bases. Research and training institutions, such as academician Gu Binglin's Workshop, Vehicle Engineering Research Institute, Architectural Engineering Research Institute and Higher Education Research Institute, have been established.

        School insists on 'based on deyang, services in western sichuan, radiation, facing the whole country and around the world' the school localization, push forward education internationalization, successively with Germany, the United States, Britain, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Laos, Nepal, Malaysia and other countries of the education institutions and institutions of higher learning established extensive academic exchanges and cooperation mechanism of talents cultivation, It is the first university of the same kind in the province to recruit academic education overseas students and the largest number of universities.

The school focuses on the integration of production and education and collaborative education. With Nanjing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Deyang, Mianyang and local government departments and the talent exchange center, working closely with Alibaba, Baidu, Jingdong, B2B, zhaopin website set up resource sharing network platform and talent demand, graduates with 'high comprehensive quality, good professional spirit and practice ability strong, the work to adapt to the fast' welcome by unit of choose and employ persons, The implementation of employment has remained above 95% for years, ranking in the forefront of similar universities in the province. Students were jiuzhou in Mianyang, Sichuan changhong, comac Shanghai aircraft co.,LTD., the United States's warner China technology center, Hunan cuhk design institute, letter, Fuzhou r&d center, Sichuan branch of faw pan-asian design institute, Shanghai adah automotive plastic products co., LTD., Shenzhen byd and other large state-owned enterprises and the world top 500 enterprises employ, Some have become design engineers and electronic test engineers. Since 2018, more than 9.6 percent of students have taken the postgraduate entrance exam, and some students have been admitted by universities in the 985 and 211 projects. In the 32nd Summer Olympic Games, the Chinese Wrestling team, which signed the only strategic cooperation agreement with the university, won 4 medals in total, 2 silver medals, 2 bronze medals, and created the best result since the recent three Summer Olympic Games. The Chinese Wrestling Association sent a letter of thanks to the university for its strong support. Critchley Also collaboratively and collaboratively with the Sichuan Provincial Football Association to build its own football training base. The university has also won many national, provincial and municipal honors, such as 'National Defense Education Characteristic School', 'National Education Reform and Innovation Demonstration College', 'First-class Professional Construction Unit of Sichuan Province', 'Application-oriented Undergraduate Demonstration Major Construction Unit of Sichuan Province', 'Provincial College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park' and so on.

        School grasps 'to bear social responsibility education, cultivating talents' bear the social responsibility of the educational philosophy, stick to khalid ents fundamental task, hang on to improve the core ability of personnel training, focus on new engineering, adhere to service the students as the center, driven by reform and innovation, strive to build cooperative education mechanism, improving education quality of teaching, We will strive to build a first-class application-oriented university with distinctive regional features and train more and more outstanding talents for economic and social development.

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