Strengthening International Exchanges and Cooperation and Promoting the Professionalism of Nursing Majors

Su Liecui

At the invitation of Japan Health Care College and Tsushima Medical Welfare Group of Japan, Professor Zhang Xiaonan, president of Sichuan Institute of Industrial Technology, visited Japan Health Care College and Tsushima Medical Welfare Group on April 23.


At the welcome ceremony held at the memorial hall of Japan Health Care College, professor Zhang Xiaonan  made a brief introduction of Sichuan Institute of Industrial Technology and the purpose of this visit. He said that the trip to Japan Health Care College is a good opportunity for learning and exchange in the field of health care and nursing construction, which is of great significance for promoting the further internationalization and specialization of Sichuan Institute of Industrial Technology in establishing the standards of nursing for in Sichuan and even in China. At the same time, he hoped that the two universities could carry out in-depth cooperation in the cultivation of health care talents, promote the communication between teachers and students, and sincerely invited teachers and students fromJapanHealthCareCollegeto visit Sichuan Institute of Industrial Technology for exchange and study.


Mr. Ma Dezhao, chairman of Japan Health Care College and Tsushima Medical Welfare Group, warmly welcomed Professor Zhang Xiaonan and his delegation. He said that this visit was another pragmatic and innovative move based on the strategic cooperation agreement signed by the two parties on April 16, 2018, which would definitely make the two universities’ cooperation more smoothly and efficiently. At the same time, he introduced the health care specialty and the development plan of health care in details.


During the visit, the two parties also signed a specific cooperation agreement on the International Conference Center of Tsushima Medical Welfare Group. Mr. Zhang Jun, representative of PLC education group, as a participant and witness of the agreement, played a good role in the cooperation between the two schools, saying that he would try his best to give full play to the role of Japan-China talent cultivation association and make positive contributions to the promotion of cooperation and educational and cultural exchanges between the two universities.


Accompanying the delegation were teachers and students representatives from theSchoolofNursingand International College of Sichuan Institute of Industrial Technology. Chinese Teachers communicated with Japanese teachers from Japan Health Care College  had a fruitful discussion on the construction of nursing curriculum and training system. Student representatives attended the and nursing practice courses in Japanese language at the career learning center of Japan Health Care College and interacted with students of the College.


In recent years,SichuaninstituteofIndustrial Scienceand Technology aims to build an international application-oriented undergraduate university, and constantly explores ways and ideas to promote international education. It has established extensive cooperation and exchanges with educational institutions and universities in the United States, Germany, Britain, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Laos and other countries, and has carried out practices in promoting international talent cultivation. The purpose of this trip is to promote the cultivation of senior nursing talents of Sichuan Institute of Industrial Technology, which is of far-reaching significance.