[Department of International Exchange and Cooperation] The school held a pre-training session for students to go abroad for mobilization

Su Liecui

On the afternoon of May 15th, the school held a pre-mobilization training session for teachers and students to visit overseas in 2019 at the International Conference Center Professor. Zhang Xiaonan attended the meeting and made an important speech. The head of the International Exchange and Cooperation Department and the Secondary College went to the conference.




During the meeting, Zhang Xiaonan encouraged the students to make great achievements. The students should dare to take the initiative to practice themselves in a difficult situation and improve themselves in a multicultural environment. He hopes that the students will continue to learn, be brave to surpass themselves, to complete the internship safely and successfully.


At the training meeting, the person in charge of the International Office introduced the current situation of international exchange and cooperation. He said that under the overall planning of the school, international exchanges and cooperation work is guided by the combination of high and low, long and short, and complementary. With an open attitude, we actively cooperate with world-renowned universities to achieve mutual visits and exchanges. Up to now, the senior management of the school has established substantive cooperation with universities in the United States, Britain, South Korea, Japan, Laos, and other countries, and invited many well-known overseas scholars to give lectures at our university. In terms of exchanges between teachers and students, we have established cooperation projects with many well-known foreign universities to provide suitable and safe exchange learning programs for teachers and students. After that, he conducted pre-departure training for students on personal safety, financial security, political security, and information security, and requested the establishment of a contact and interaction mechanism between the visiting staff and the school. At the same time, he vividly explained the precaution of the risks abroad, and reminded them particularly to respect and adapt to the different cultural customs and living habits. Besides, the students should study hard, win glory for the country, and complete the internship and study tasks successfully and safely.


Through the training, the traveling students expressed their expectation to the opportunities of overseas exchange internships, broadening their horizons, expanding their knowledge, and harvesting the theories and knowledge that are not available in the books. Also, they expressed their thanks to the exchange platform provided by the school, especially to the school leaders and teachers of the secondary college who spare no effort to provide support and help for the development of the students.